Month: September 2017

How did you parents decide on your baby name?

They wanted an “Om” in the name and wanted it to be uniquely Hindu sounding name. They created a name “Om”+”i”+”ka” as “ika” makes the name feminine. If you simply do a generic search, you can have a favorite word in your mind and do a search at baby names website as Baby Names Search

16 Islamic Baby Names Meaning “Servant of Allah”

We are religious, our sentiments are attached to our bent of religion. We end up linking and recalling the events that helped us serve others. Gratitude is one of the best things to earn in life as that truly makes one content. As baby names specialists, at, we reviewed our 50K+ baby names with

Baby Names Starting with Mik

We see a lot of Michael & Mike on the shows we watch on Comedy Central (say, how I met your mother, friends, and all the different programs (I am a big fan of Comedy Central). So, yeah, how about we show you the different variations of Michael & Mike. Because you hear these names

Advanced Baby Name Search Review via

We all have favorite names. We saw the baby name finders online do not help people navigate from one name to another instead they help you go from an unknown name to another unknown baby name. Not anymore! Any you can use the advanced baby name search for Similar Baby Names Finder Alphabetical Baby

99 Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning Beauty [Yes! Boy Names, not Girl]

Morning Morning people! At, the baby names meaning Beauty is trending & our users have been going over these names a lot. Factoid: People look for name meaning, not always because they like the meaning but because the meaning reminds them of a certain person, certain place, or event. Some do choose names meanings

11 Buddhist Baby Names with Cambodian Origin

Buddhist baby names have some really cool & calm meaning. We are have seen people of all religions love and browse buddhist baby names. We also have a simple tip, if you are not particular about naming your baby from a particular religion; you gotta check out the MAGIC SIMILAR NAME search. It beautifully