Month: November 2017

3 Secrets to Online Baby Name Browsing & Shortlisting

Well the secret is that the baby name browsing websites that show you all the baby names and all the baby name lists are themselves not aware off what are the top baby names for a particular religion and gender, or what are the most popular or what are the most traditional baby names for

[New] Top 500 Telugu Baby Names with Meanings

Telugu demographic in India speaks one of the purest languages in the country. The Andraites and Teleganites are spread across the breadth of the country and popularly in the southern part of the country (Andhra and Telengana and Rayalasema). Parents who speak the telugu language have a peculiar taste and tend to go with telugu

[Latest] Top 500 (of 15,898) Tamil Baby Boy Names

Unique Tradition & Modern Tamil baby names have had a great number of views at as it gives not just Tamil origin baby names but also the baby names variations of Indian baby names that Tamilians have incorporated beautifully. Tamil demographic has a great taste of music and stories. They love to name their babies

Top 30 Unique French baby girl names [From over 273 Names]

France is one of the most romantic places in the world and the language French is by far one of the most beautiful and pure languages in the world as it sounds very high on expressiveness and sensitivity. As per records, expecting parents of the French origin browse baby boy and baby girl names

4 Most Important Baby Name Browsing Tactics

We’ve been in the baby name is business for quite some time now. When it comes to baby name drowsing, before 2008, people were more inclined towords finding baby name books and blogs that curated baby name lists. It’s 2017 and baby names browsing behavior has changed. Source: It was all about baby names

Top 30 Spanish Baby Girl Names [New]

We find Spanish baby girl names the most interesting names at The beauty about the Spanish baby names is in how it is pronounced and how well the meaning of the names are. All Spanish Baby Name Lists Spanish Baby Boy & Baby Girl Names Spanish Baby Girl Names Spanish Baby Boy Names Spanish

[Latest] Top 100 Cute Hindu Girl Names

Hello there. Welcome to yet another manually curated baby names list via To curate the top 100 cute Hindu girl names list, we at MamaNames, we scanned All 9000 Hindu baby girl names and finalised on the top 700 baby names based on the name meaning, name origins, and the sound of the name.

Latest [2017]: Top 250 Trendy & Traditional Tamil Baby Names

  Tamilians have always had a strong traditional inclination to their baby names. Of all the tamilian friends that I have, I somehow find one thing extremely peculiar about there names that they are highly religious, traditional. The expecting Tamil parents of the 2017 have strong traditional inclination but they are looking for trendy twists

Baby Names Generator [All Religion with Meaning & Origin]

There are baby names lists and then there are baby names generators. What parents around the globe require is a search engine that helps them key in their keywords and find baby names of their choice. Source: Advanced Baby Names Generator & Finder The beauty of is that it has dedicated an entire page

250 Ancient Hindu baby Names

Hindu Baby Names come in multiple variety and parents across the globe of the Hindu religion are looking for all kinds of name variation. Indian sub-continent see over 750,000 babies born every month. That’s a lot of babies needing baby names. We at MamaNames have seen the culture of the Indian sub-continent come back to