250 Christian Biblical Baby Girl Names

Christian Baby Names are some of the most browsed and trending baby names around the globe. The biblical religion brings over 14,000 baby boy and baby girl names. Mamanames.com is one of the largest repositories of Christian baby names, a portal built to serve the 8.7 million baby name browsers/finders around the globe with baby names for all religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jew, Sikh, Agnostic).

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250 Christian Biblical Baby Girl Names

A fair and pure woman

To be bold in a victory


English name for girls

Elaborated form of ALLEGRA.

An imaginative and idealistic person; no…

Variant of JOLENE.

Name of an island in England

Variation of Trencia, a clan name

Derived from “Corinna”, meaning Maiden, …

Variant of the name Taylor, occupational…

Most Beautiful; Very Attractive; Charmin…

Trembling water body; a river

She is of british origins

One who is blessed with six gifts of wom…


Medieval diminutive of MARGARET.

Variant of EVELYN.

A woman warrior in the army

A woman who is from the plain fields

Little Hugh; Female Version of Hugh

Bright; Famous

She who is wearing red

She is like a thorny tree

Combination of two words “Joy” and “Lynn…

Diminutive of KATHERINE.

Variant of CALLIE.

To delay

Pale-skinned; Dark

The one who uses her right hand always.

One of great destiny

She who is heard

Derived from St. Denis

She who made a pledge to God

They protect men; Goddess of hunt

She was born on the island of Britain

A woman who is like a fairy

An individual who is clever and stable m…

Young; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of M…

A woman whose charms lie in her freedom

Variant of KAYLEE.

Feminine form of ADRIAN.

Short from of Cleopatra, which means glo…

A spice, added to food for flavour

Clover; a plant of the pea family that c…

One who is loved by all

She who is hard and strong as a rock

A highly immaginative being

A living woman

Elfin Spear; Holy

She who comes from the bright clearing t…

One who harvests

Derived from Greek αληθε�…

They are peaceful and loves peace

A valiant and courageous noble girl

Variation of HAZEL

Domain of the Curtius; Courteous; Courtd…

A free woman

Grayce means good will. A great vision a…

Variant of JEAN .

Feminine variant of KERRY.

A young, little famous and bright one

A free man

One who has all the beauty of the world

She is like a tunder

Glad means Happy in English and derived …

She is like a Camelia flower

Feminine form of Thomas, a twin

Young; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of M…

Combination of JENNIFER and JESSICA.

An unsillied and innocent girl

The name means Pure, Neat

A serious and loving individual

Medieval diminutive of JANE.

A loyal and friendly person

She who is dear

Derived from Latin Margarita, which was …

The name means Gift from God

Variant of LINDSAY.

A cheerful person who is focused and rea…

Originally a medieval diminutive of Ibb,…

One who has a powerful mind

It is derived from Lily; a beautiful flo…

Valley in the mountains ; From Glen; A v…

Diminutive of Barbara; Strange; Foreign

Form of MAHLAH used in the Greek and Lat…

Variant of MAUREEN.

Diminutive of JENNIFER.

English – Merry; Lighthearted; Happy

A girl with British origins

Lady; woman; mistress; or the female ter…

One who is talented, charming and pleasa…

One who brings charm and hope

One from the coniferous tree

An old English name for girls

Kathia means Pure, Natural

A self assertive, nurturing ans untiring…

A true image of a woman

A habitational name; clearing

A good and majestic great leader

Variant of MICHAELA.

To live in the Fairy Kingdom

Variant of FERN.

Variant of JACQUELINE.

One who comes from the valley near the r…

Old English name meaning to kill, quell

Diminutive of ANDREA .

Biblical Hebrew form of MICHAL.

Thoughtful; Noble Kind; A variant form o…

The one who takes God as the oath

This means god is my helper.

A woman of the army


One who is bold as a raven

Her nose is crooked

Variant of CATRIONA.

Latin – Little; Humble; A feminine varia…

Follower of Jesus and his preachings

An alcoholic beverage name

The bright or shining knife

Possibly a variant of ALICIA, or maybe f…

A maiden, innocente and pure

These people work in temples, cathedrals…

A very old female name used in Medieval …

Triumph of men against an enemy; victory…

English – From the hill; War stronghold

A spontaneous, happy go lucky person

Simply from the English word glory, ulti…

Taken from the name of the holly tree, a…

A fair princess

Diminutive of MARY or MARGARET.

A divine being who is beautiful of all

She protects the hinges

Variant of KELSEY.

A sage who is an old counsel

Kaelia means Holder of the Keys

She who will defend men

Combination of MARY and lyn. It has been…

A gracious and womanly woman

Variant of KAYLEE.

A pet from Cassandra, meaning a phrophet…

Name of a great Saint; compassionate ind…

A dark colored individual; in need of fr…

A woman who has no sight

Diminutive of FELICITY.

A self assured, naive and intellectual b…

Gemstone Opal; Jewel in Sanskrit

Variant of KIARA influenced by the spell…

Mixture of jerry (ruler hold the spear) …


Manifestation of God.

English – Chalice; A variant of name Cha…

She who is little and free

The name Ginger means Virgin and is also…

An imaginative individual

An english female name, very rare

She is innocent and unsullied

One who shows restraint

Variant of MADISON.

A name of the instrumental jazz,blues so…

A little lamb, ewe

The song of joy

Warrior who is strong as Bear

She is from little Britain


One from the glen

Variant of CASEY.

Short form of ALICIA, FELICIA, and other…

Diminutive of MARGARET.

A beautiful woman

Diminutive of AGNES or AGATHA.

God has answered

She is a prophetess

Feminine form of LEON.

A very skilled female pipe player

Variant of MATILDA.

A wide meadow; a piece of land filled wi…

Friend of God, The one with good dees an…

Meadow of thunder

A noble, alluring person

Diminutive of JILL.

A girl who is just and true

Fire or sword

Feminine form of JOHN.

One who is like the Reneaissance period

They are virtuous and noble being

She who lives on a wide island

Variant of MAHALA.

Diminutive of FRANCES.

Combination of Geri (rules with spear) p…

A woman who sometimes acts like a man

Combination of JAN and FRANCIS.

Glyn means Fair, Good or the One from th…

A girl of sweet nature

A woman who is pure

A surrogate, a replacement

From the name of the precious stone that…

An accessory used as a decoration on one…

Gracious is the Lord

English version of the French Henriette,…

The one who dwells on hunting ground

Variant of MELANIE.

Diminutive of ABIGAIL.

A raven, a black bird

From Denmark

Combination of LOU and the popular name …

Cheerful, Javiol

Old English – Generous

A strong woman. Can also mean one who is…

A woman who looks like hyacinth flower

A girl with golden hair. Golden hair is …

Feminine form of ALEX, or a diminutive o…

Kacibrel means Alert

A woman who likes shade like a fern

Variant of ADELINE using the popular nam…

The gifts or possessions won after the w…

A fortunate and happy lady

A responsible and self sufficient human …

Combination of LEE and ANNE .

The glorious and beautiful

Variant of ALEXIS.

It means Wealth or Richness.

A humble, easy going and pleasant indivi…

Variant of JOYCE.

Variant of CADENCE.

A self maintained and happy individual

Derived from the Irish name meaning Girl…

An expensive gift

Variant of LAUREL.

A free spirited girl

An inspiring woman

Provider Of Joy

Meadow on the ledge

One who is a follower of Christianityity…

To be from Britain

Gift from God

A woman with happy nature

Bright light; thoughtful person

One who has a jolly nature

English name for girls

Little woman

An indicative, materialistic and versati…

A valuable and wealthy friend

A girl who is a princess

A clever,practical and inventive sort of…

The dance from the hilly area

Bringer of the light

Variant of KYLIE.

From a surname which was an Anglicized f…

Eyes of day

A happy woman

Variant of MARISA.

Diminutive of JEANNE.

Variant of OLIVIA.

Based on the name of the country China

Diminutive of MARGARET.

Variant of MEREDITH.

A form of Hayley

One who knows magic like an Elf

Variation of jenny (God has been graciou…

Brilliant; famed

Juete name means The Lord is Gracious

A maiden; a young, beautiful woman

From the English word for the type of fl…

The name means cheerful or merry. They a…

One who owns an estate

Variant of KRISTIN.

Combination of KAY and the popular name …

The one who is direct, impulsive and nat…

A woman of wisdom and knowledge

From the surname of the Australian opera…

An individual who is responsible and tru…

A place name in Britain, a village near …

An untamed person; colorless and sharp s…

Someone who has faith in Christianityity…

A person who is smart,intelligent and fu…

English – Poppy; From The Flower; A vari…

Goldgifu means the gift of God. The pers…

Army warrior

Means “my brother is pleasant” in Hebrew…

Imaginative, enthusiastic and lively per…

A woman of British roots

One who comes from the bright meadow

A lady from the bright meadow shire

Apparently created by C.S. Lewis for the…

A light haired woman

An evergreen Holly Tree

One who is from the british lands

Feminine form of JUNIUS. This was the na…

Friendlier Home,

Day for an eye

A divine being who is and master of many…

A young, tender and attractive person

A cute girl with sweet personality

A musical term

A pearl, preacious one

The one who shines even during darkness

Diminutive of MARY influenced by MURIEL….

Dazzling, stunning, amazing

Variant of KARENA.

Confident, strong, virtuous and noble by…

One who takes God as an Oath

Strive for wealth; to get good profit af…

A systematic, open minded and self suffi…

Old English – Gentle Adviser; Gentle Str…

One who is born to spread light

Army soldier

A person whose homeland is Britain

Kadian means Pure,Rhytmic

Unusual Nature Name

Short form of names ending in freda or f…

Variant of JANINE.

Variant of MAGDALENE.

It means noble maiden.

She who is from Britain

A reserved, poised and gracious being

This name means smouldering or fiery mea…

A broad, wide piece of land or field

From a surname which was derived from th…

One who is talented and understanding

A refined, humble, lonely and charismati…

Methodical; process

Variant of KIRSTEN.

One who helps with her wisdom

Kailynne means She who has the Keys

One who enjoys adventure

One who gives out Light

Variant of ALICIA.

Little thing; Derived from the word “cos…

A plant that is herbaceous and is used a…

Variant of KAYLEE. This is also a common…

A black women who strives to educating t…

The bright sharp knife

Variant of ISABELLA.

A versatile, attractive and imaginative …

God is a promise and an oath

From a surname which was derived from an…

A form of Gail

A woman who lives life freely

To come from Briton, a region in France

She is wise and clever

Variant of KRISTY.

Variant of LORRAINE.

God is full of mercy and tender care.

A desirable person with ambitious nature

A pure woman

A romantic and humble person

A woman who is from the bright clearing …

Variant of LORI.

Lighthearted; Happy; Merry; A variation …

Well Born; Kindly

Kadi means Rhyming

Either a combination of LOU and ANN or a…

A woman known for beauty

A bright and shinning sword

She who is wise

Diminutive of LINDA and other names begi…

Variant of CASSIA.

A noble and exalted person

Elaboration of LORA.

Feminine diminutive of JON .

An old English reference to Ermine, a da…

Valley in the mountains ; From Glen; A v…

Tranquil; Peaceful

Honourable, strong and virtuous

A fair maiden

A female counselor, adviser, who is very…

Variant of ISABEL.

One who is a combination of flower valle…

Jilian means youthful person who loves t…

Variant of CRYSTAL.

Latin – Pure; English – Candy; Modern va…

A strong, scintillating, deep red colour…

A cat-like woman

Little Hugh


Universal whole.

Diminutive of KATHERINE.

From the name of the European island cou…

A cushion or pillow; a cloth stuffed wit…

A rare made up name, that means a woman …

English – Pleasant

River Goddess


Refers to joy, pleasure, delight, enjoym…

A wonderful person who is a gift from Go…

Variant of COURTNEY.

An innocent and genuine woman

Derived from an Irish word “Colleen” mea…

A flower name, the most beautiful of all

One who is like dawn

Valley in the mountains ; From Glen; A v…

A peaceful ruler

A noble woman who is berautiful

Variant of GWENDOLEN.

Short form of JUDITH.

Little bird

Short form of ALESIA.

Somebody who is from the boar meadow.

A strong spear

One with an ancient heart

A desirable, easy going and mature perso…

From Mélanie, the French form of …

Diminutive of JACQUELINE.

Dear One; Darling; Germanic – Man; Freem…

The one who loves adventure and independ…

She who is hopeful

Armenian name meaning “modest”; A locati…

God has returned to my crying.

A person who has firm mind

Right; Appropriate

A person whose job involves preparing an…

Probably originally a diminutive of ELIZ…

Variant of MADELINE.

Modern English combination name

A place name, one from Cambria

House Owner, Female Version of Henry

A pure and sincere woman

Feminine form of Taurus, the bull

Derived from the name of a place

To live on the lands of Britain

Diminutive of MARCIA.

A refined, reasonable and poised individ…

Like a young deer

A favor and a grace of a rose

Variant of JERRY.

Possibly derived from the Germanic eleme…

Strong Counsellor; Advisor

One who is safe and protected


Short form of ADELAIDE and other names b…

Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone


Form of Chawwah (EVE) used in the Greek …

Good hearted person, who is generous and…

A trusted, reserved and talented human

Usually a pet form for names starting wi…

Form of MERAB used in the Greek and Lati…

A baby girl who was born again

A lady with the fair complexion

A Field; A variant of the name Maize; Al…

A woman of greath wealth and power

She has her freedom

One born with special talents; flower

A stony woman

Wealthy protector and filled with concio…

Variant of CRYSTAL.

One rose from the garden

A variant form of Heaven; A variant spel…

She is innocen and a virgin

Gentle; mild; soft; warm and hearty

The name means Clear, Transparent

The name Earlena means a very noble wome…

A woman graceful as a rose

Pale-skinned; Dark

Elaborated form of LOLA.

Follower of teachings of Jesus

A hesitant, emotional and relaxed indivi…

Feminine elaboration of JAY using the po…

Diminutive of JOAN .

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