Top Christian Baby Girl Names of 2018

Christian Baby Names are some of the most browsed and trending baby names around the globe. The biblical religion brings over 14,000 baby boy and baby girl names. is one of the largest repositories of Christian baby names, a portal built to serve the 8.7 million baby name browsers/finders around the globe with baby names for all religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jew, Sikh, Agnostic).

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 Top 500 Christian Baby Girl Names

Means “cheerful, lively” in Italian. It …

A gracious and womanly woman

Armenian name meaning “modest”; A locati…

A beautiful woman

Aa very old, Medieval English girl name

One who puts traps and baits people

Short form of EULALIA.

Variant of JAMIE.

Follower of the Christ


Variant of FAY.

She is like a thorny bush

From the name of a region in France, ori…

A graceful or favourable lady

The rain

Warrior who is strong as Bear

A living woman

Variant of MAXINE.

A royalty; free woman

Feminine form of ALVIN.

God has given his blessings to me.


Diminutive of KATHERINE.

A virgin girl, a pure girl

The glorious and beautiful

Variant of LEONA.

Landing place for limestone

An eager individual who is compassionate

One who is safe and protected

One who impresses others and is elegant

One who likes to be in association and h…

A dame of purity

Goldy is a variant of Golda, Derived fro…

A sleek one

Dazzling, stunning, amazing


Diminutive of Beatirce, meaning one that…

Diminutive of HENRIETTA or HESTER.

Always or eternal or everlasting.

A beautiful winged creature

Someone who will be on righteous path fr…

The person who gives instructions by spe…

A short form of taylor

A peace loving person who has great natu…

Variant of MEREDITH.

Variant of KIMBERLY.

One who is worthy to be proud of

A little wise one


A Roman young girl

A stream, a current

Means “from Lydia” in Greek. Lydia was a…

A level-headed, kind and honest person

Variant of GEMMA.

Combination of JAY and the popular name …

Unsophisticated, original and naive pers…

A person who excels in every field; resp…

One who is the most beautiful women; ful…

A woman who comes from the red meadow

The graceful spear of the God

One who is small like a stone

Maiden; a beautiful unmarried young woma…

One who is filled with joy and hapiness

A woman who is a blessed traveler

A wise advice that brought victory

One who is strong in battle

Combination of MARIA and BELLA.

Means “my father strays” in Hebrew. In t…

Elaboration of Mel, either from names su…

She who has a crown on her head

An Irish Surname

Peaceful house, peaceful home

Derived from Airelle

She whose roots are from Britain

Forms of shelby

She is a rose

Feminine form of KYLE.

English – Pathway; A leading way

One who knows magic like an Elf

The crown is hers

A divine being who is beautiful of all

She who is born as a free person

The name means rejoicing, people with th…

From Gyða, an Old Norse diminutive of…

Variant of LORINDA.

A consistent being

Joyful; Combination of Hope and Lynn;

Variant of KAYLYN.

Female version of Godise, the descendant…

A piece proclamation

Variant of MARILYN.

The name means She who has the Keys

A shrine

A woman who is strong a free

A beloved sweetheart

To see a true image of a woman

A woman who is free

A Parrot

Biblical Hebrew form of MICHAL.

Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone

Short form of “hallelujah.”

A woman who is a prophet

A person who has firm mind

Old Slavic form of ESTHER.

One with a red scar

A cheerful girl

Derivative of taite which means cheerful

An organized and affectionate being

Diminutive of KATHERINE.

She is innocent and unsullied

A strange traveller who is from a foreig…

Variant of CANDACE.

Warfare, Strife, Struggle

A free woman with many charms

She whohas the wisodom

Means God is gracious. Female name that …

Variation of Trencia, a clan name

Variant of JANE.

Little Hugh

A little rudy baby girl

From the river

An alcoholic beverage or spirit

Variant of CHLOE.

A free woman

One who enjoys adventure

A fortunate and happy lady

A woman who came from Britain

Variant of JANET.

A pet form of Tamara, which means a palm…

A beautiful, unmarried young woman

One who is striving for wealth

A tailor

Variant of JOLENE.

These people work in temples, cathedrals…

One from the coniferous tree

Reliable and steadfast; can be depended …

The name of a place

Person who is commanding with the spear.

A form of Elizabeth, meaning consecrated…

Maiden of the Bear-spear; Maiden

Mixture of jean (Gift from God ) and Lis…

Plural of rose. Many roses

A woman of great wisdom and knowledge

A free girl

Variant of KAYLYN.

Woman who is pure and honest

Good hearted, generous, cheerful and non…

Wealthy protector and filled with concio…

Way of Suffering,Painful path

God has heard my requests or prayers.

Spear-bearer Maid

The name means lark

One who is from the yellow meadow

Pure water coming from a sacred spring

A wise woman who was a counsel

Coral; a virgin

She is from Briton

One born with special talents; flower

An independent person who takes God as h…

Mayhem; state of confusion

One who can provide shelter

Water coming out of a sacred spring

Work hard for wealth and health

She whose music brings great happiness

A woman pledged to God

Right; Appropriate

From the English word melody, which is d…

Valley in the mountains ; From Glen; A v…

A person who is a desire system and main…

A bright and shinning sword

A meadow on a slope

A noble woman from the hill

A woman who is youthful in looks and spi…

Song of happiness

A religious person

From the English word for the orange pre…

A bush of thorny wild roses

A light haired woman


Refers to joy, pleasure, delight, enjoym…

Originally a medieval English diminutive…

God is full of mercy and tender care.

Diminutive of KASSANDRA.

Elaborated form of JANE.

Well Born; Kindly

Kacibrel means Alert

English – Pink

A virtuous pure virgin girl

A nonconforming and naive individual

They are sleepy and doze off

Abbrevation of Teresa, means harvest

Famous, easy going and humble human bein…

A proud, noble person

Medieval English form of Jehanne, an Old…

Variant of GISELLE.

One who comes from the bright meadow

God has heard and gave an answer

A lovable person; beautiful and full of …

Earnest, self concerned and noble person

An Arthurian word meaning earth.

Variant of JENNY. Before the 20th centur…

A successful, quick and witty person

The mercifulness of Yahweh

Diminutive of ALEXANDRA or ALEXIS.

Variant of MEGAN.

A foreign element who are variant of Ell…

English variant and Polish form of CASSA…

A heavenly girl

A British one

A person who is smart,intelligent and fu…

A girly English name

Modern English combination name

Kenleigh means She is from the Meadow of…

An amusing, forward and high honoured in…

A trusted person; they are unique

Each one of the two; famous rulers

A raised land;a hill

An elfin counselor

From the name of the African country. Th…

The secretive Love of God, God Secret Lo…

Variant of KRISTY.

Variant of CHRISTINA.

A person who is responsible and respecta…

A mainly free woman

Means “my brother is pleasant” in Hebrew…

One who is a Mother of Aphrodite

One who can appreciate life and find suc…

Protective, shielding, defending

Clover; a plant of the pea family that c…

A word name. Means a female sibling

Manifestation of God

Biblical Greek form of MICHAL.

Variant of CRYSTAL.

The name Ginger means Virgin and is also…

A young woman who is charming, lovely an…

A strong woman

Somebody honourable and noble.

Variant of MADELINE.

Variant of MADELINE.

Beginning of Day; English – Morning

One from an ancient Bretagne province in…

Variant of JOAN or JOHANNE.

Variant of MABEL. It also coincides with…

A princess

Feminine form of ALVIN.

Variant of LINDY.


A woman who gave life to everything

From a surname which was taken from a pl…

Combination of MARY and BETH.

Variant of MADELINE.

Defends and helps man

A short from Stephany, meaning the crown


A raven-like woman

A happy, versatile and imaginative indiv…

A very rare Medieval name, user rarely e…

A free-born person

Diminutive of ALISON, ALEXANDRA or other…

A woman who is craftsman who uses blocks

Variant of KEZIAH.

Somebody who is born at easter.

The one who gives donation

A liquor name; the name of an alcohol

Courtland; Also means “From the court”

Modern English name for girls

A little, free one


One who is social, likable and friendly

An elegant, tasteful, fashionable woman

It means Wealthy.

She is a little bird

Safe place, refuge or a sanctuary

One whose portector is God

The name is varient of word grace. It me…

Variant of EILEEN.

Kogon means a Woman with Confidence

A considerate, responsible and reasonabl…

Variant of AALIYAH.

A woman who is pure, innocnet

Elaborated form of MABEL.

Lord is gracious

Combination of JENNIFER and JESSICA.

Variant of MAHALAH or MAHALATH. It has o…

Variant of ALISON.

A woman scholar, a woman who is an acade…

One who has taken God as his oath

A woman from the island of Britain

Kaelene means Keeper of the Keys, Pure

A feminine Lord


The mercy of God is forever

Medieval feminine form of AMABILIS.

Variant of ALICIA.

The third niece, pretty

Diminutive of JILL.

Juhota name means One Who is Merciful

Variant of JAMIE.

From a nickname for a person with blond …

Variant of JACQUELINE.

Variant of JENNIFER.

She who comes from the city of Rome

A pure and genuine, innocente woman

Percipience; Highly insightful

Variant of ADELINE using the popular nam…

The meaning of the name Githa is Gift

A present who is sent by the God; prepar…

She who is good with swords

Love and caring

Variant of CASSIDY.

Short form of ALEXIA.

Variant of MARILYN.

Variant of LOUELLA.

Variation of Jenny (God is graceful)

Latinate form of MARGARET.

The one who shines even during darkness

An intelligent adviser.

Diminutive of JEANNE.

A long haired young person; God of wine

Elaborated form of ADELA.

She who is from the city of Tangiers

English name for girls

A pet from Cassandra, meaning a phrophet…

Old English name comes from the Italian …

One who has a hearty kingdom

Diminutive of JACQUELINE.

Marvelous; Wonderful

A plant that origins from the pea family…

A reserved, poised and gracious being

A diligent person; quick and understandi…

Diminutive of OLIVIA.


Variant of KAYLEE.

Short for Catherine, meaning a pure girl

The one who takes God as the oath

Variant of EVELYN.

Old English – Rye Field; A variant of na…

A bundle, a bunch of flowers

Variant of CARINA .

Pale-skinned; Dark; Pale Meadow

A woman pure as a wolf

They are precious and are a gift from Go…

She has the grace of a lily flower

Variant of KATHERINE.

An encouraging, alert and honest being

Kallita name means From the Woods

One who is blessed with riches and prize…

Meadow of the royalty

She who likes to tell stories

Pretty flower

Hortense is a French name that means “ga…

One who is like a flowering shrub

The long field

Triumph of men against an enemy; victory…

A person who has a bog collection of jew…

One who takes God as an Oath

Diminutive of SOPHRONIA.

A pure woman

Variant of MARNIE.

Variant of ALICIA.

A Saxon woman

Diminutive of ALEXANDRA or ALEXIS.

Variant of LESLIE.

Variant of MEHETABEL.

Variant of CASEY.

A kind hearted person; generous

Woman in battle

Variant of MABEL.

Kathee means Pure, Natural

Short form of JOSEPHINE.

A generous and friendly individual

Young; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of M…

A refined person; sensitive one

An evergreen Holly Tree

The name is varient of word grace. It me…

A woman of brown hair

Divine person; one who is loved by all

From a variant spelling of the English w…

Variant of LISETTE.

An individual who is clever and stable m…

A rare made up name, that means a woman …

Variant of JANINE.

Diminutive of LETTICE.

Goldgeve means the women of God. A girl …

Katara means Blessed

A beautiful and lovely creaure who is wo…

A female pipe player

Famous; One who is well known

A loved girl

English name for girls

Kaylen means She Keeps The Keys

An angel of death

This means a graceful person.

A social person who has an eye for beaut…

A well protected girl

A woman who is brave

A tender and adorable person

Means “beloved” in Hebrew. In the Old Te…

A noble strong girl

Variant of Beaver-stream

Good natured individual

She is wise and clever

Rich in friendship; onw who cares a lot

Diminutive of MERLE.

Variant of JESSIE .

God has given ,he has regarded and consi…

She who made a pledge to God

A gift from god.

The time of the grace and beauty

Diminutive of HENRIETTA and other names …

Variant of MARILYN.

A fictional name

Shortened form of MARLENE.

A broad, wide piece of land or field

Dramatic and easy going

A created name

One who brings praise for the parents

A reagal woman who is the Queen

Anglicized form of CAITLÍN.

Variant of MARLEY.

One who comes from the summer settlement

Medieval form of LETITIA.

One who is born to live and prosper

From the surname of the Australian opera…

A woman who brings victory


Variant of JOY.


Short form of ELIZABETH. This is the fam…

A clear woman

A woman from Britain

Variant of CANDY.

An untamed person; colorless and sharp s…

An attractive, vigilant and beautiful pe…

Variant of MICHAELA.

A brave heart of a woman

One who is blind; i.e. unable to see due…

A gentle, delicate and dual natured indi…

A hesitant, emotional and relaxed indivi…

Variant of KAYLEE.

From Denmark

Variant of JASMINE.


Short form of ADELAIDE and other names b…

Bright; Famous

A happy song which is very sweet

Short form of JUDITH.

One who is talented and understanding

A raven, a black bird


To tremble; Lover of horses; A diminutiv…

Variant of KAYLYN.

A popular and sweet being

An English name for girls

Of wide islands

Kendal means The bright valley, Valley o…

Form of MARIA used in the Greek Old Test…

One who brings charm and hope

A beloved, valued, cherised girl

It means a respectful title given to a l…

She who is from Capri, Italy

Golderon means Passionate. A person who …

Gift from God


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