Top Christian Baby Names of 2018

Christian Baby Names are some of the most browsed and trending baby names around the globe. The biblical religion brings over 14,000 baby boy and baby girl names. is one of the largest repositories of Christian baby names, a portal built to serve the 8.7 million baby name browsers/finders around the globe with baby names for all religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jew, Sikh, Agnostic).

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Top 500 Christian Baby Names

Trembling water body; a river

One who is dark in a sweet way

Short form of JUDITH.

Goldiin means a little piece of gold. Sm…

Feminine form of ADRIAN.

Diminutive of DAVID.

Variant of MEGAN.

He who is from the split meadow

The one who gives donation

An ascending, exalted lady

One who is born to achieve great depths …

A word name. A beautifu butterfly

A level- headed, balanced and daring

One from the glen

A respected, reasonable and serious mind…

Judge; one who imparts justice

A honest master

English – Bowman, Hunter; Hare Clearing;…

The name of an alcoholic beverage

Variant of JACQUELINE.


A man who is like a deer

Form of BELSHAZZAR used in the Latin Old…

Variant of KAY .

A bunch of flowers

Mighty king with the spear.

One who is a part of the divine governme…

A fortress

Good person

Herdsman; Food Calf; An English Surname

Variant of LEILA.

A lively, alert person

Someone as battle ready as a boar.

Peaceful, The one who will live in peace…

A shallow river crossing

Gemstone Opal; Jewel in Sanskrit

Variant of MARCELINE.

An interesting and studious individuals

Variant of LORI.


Gim means Pricous Stone, Gem in Old Engl…

One from the fairy palace

A man who is fair and white

Messenger of destruction

A gracious person who is very much lovab…

A form of Gabriel. It means God is my st…

One who comes from the fern lads

Birch Valley; Place Name; Where Birches …

A fantastic human being

From the English word meaning “friend”. …

Variant of MARYLOU.

A ceremonial and young attendant

An expressive and good-natured women.

To be close the sky

Variant of EILEEN, probably inspired by …

Her home are the British lands

He somes form the spring of water

A youthful ans powerful being

The loved one

He who is from a stony land

The person who is fighting with a javeli…

Diminutive of MARGARET.

A willow growing by the sea

Earnest, level headed and composed indiv…

A strong man

A Habitational name; Topographic name re…


Short form of DESMOND.

One who a mariner

The one from Denmark; charming

Variant of JANELLE.

A variant Of Haven; Safety

Like a Cantonian wine

One who comes from the flat lands

One who is a doer of tucker

She who dwells near the beaver stream

From a surname, originally from a place …


A fairy-like woman

A People; The Strength; Sorrow of People

A name for the chief of a tribe; gracefu…

A medieval English name given to girls

On behalf of multitude.

From a surname which was derived from a …

He is from the place of the watercress

An old English name

A fair raven; raven is a bird that resem…

They are individual and independence.The…

Croatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is…

To come fom the castle meadow

An english Boy

English – Little Eagle; A variant of nam…

A treasured individual

Elaboration of LORA.

Landing place for limestone

She who is like a young deer

A daring and capable fellow

As the name suggests, it refers to a fre…

Young; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of M…

From a surname which was derived from th…

She who made an oath to God

A determined person; cute one

Steep; sudden increase or decrease

A woman who is faithful or loyal

A very old female name used in Medieval …

A surname that means one of good bearing

The person who is with a spear.

Son of a Farmer; Both Surname and Given …

A beautiful princess

Someone who has faith in Christianityity…

Sparkling; K from the Greek Spelling of …

Little bird

Variant of MABEL.

Variant of KIARA influenced by the spell…

A tree trunk

Variant of MELANIE.

One who is from watercress stream

A honest and faithful and extremely fort…

A kinsman, a cousin. Used as a surname

A person who has an intense desire to se…

My Man; Red; Earthy; Human

Variant of COLMÁN.

Young; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of M…

Biblical Greek form of MICHAL.

A shade of red

Sun gift

Means simply “lyric, songlike” from the …

She who is wearing red

Has great nature; a good looking person;…

A tactful and daring person; happy at he…

Graden name is the varient of name grays…

Old Version of Godiva. Gift of God, The …

The one who is benevolent, without malic…

Perfect Joy

A keeper of the horses

They are vesatile,responsible but lazy.T…

One who gives the command

A woman who is like a famous horse

An authentic, restless and noble person

He is from the stony village

The one coming from Brook

Assyrian form of Thomas. It means twin.

A clear woman

One who is from the mossy place

Intelligent and workable girl.

Honourable and a gift of almighty

A mountain which has three corners.

A fame that brings happiness and bliss

A woman who is moving up in life

A rhytmhmic person

Birch Valley; Place Name; Where Birches …

Gillson is an English male name and mean…

A confident and mature individual

English – Friend of the People; A varian…

A famous person who is the God of wine

An equally adaptable and hospitable and …

Versatile, idealistic and inspirational …

He who lives near the cow barns

A sailor

He is from a castle

He who enjoys surfing

It is a famous English surname.

An expressive and reasonable person

The one who is easygoing and accurate pe…

God is very good and is gracious

A lady from the fertile valley

A combination of name Kama and Lynn

They are majestic and precious beings

Protective by nature; emerging daylight

Follower of Lord Jesus, the son of God

The one living in a meadow

One who acts British

Hebrew – Yahweh is Gracious; Yahweh is m…

Means “swiftness” in Hebrew. In the Old …

An old and wise ruler

One who is the loyal one

An occupational name for the tends of ox…

English – Warriors Town; A variation of …

A man from the stony fortification

Warrier, The one with wisdom and intelli…

A heavenly girl

Variant of MAXINE.

A direct, original and excited person

She who is raven-like

True friend or upright buddy.

One who comes from the land of the warri…

Variant of AALIYAH.

Well Behaved and mannered; Polished; Cou…

One who is in true depth of nature

From the willow farm

He who is at the cow sheds


Son of Dennis

English – Made of Oak; A variant of name…

Wide meadown


To tie hair int a knot

Refers to hurdles or barricades.

A joyful girl

A serious, independent and curious being

A male english rare name

Little Jane; gracious god

English – Pleasant

Manufacturer of wooden objects like barr…

A giving, loving, warm and agreeable per…

Derived from the Germanic elements bald …

Kathee means Pure, Natural

A courteous and efficient human being

A white skinned person

Refers to fantastic or unreal.

From an English place name (or from a su…

From an English surname which originally…

Variant of KAYLYN.

From Weland, the Old English cognate of …

Variant of KRISTY.

One who comes from the blue ford

Bear Brave; Brave Like a Bear

A youthful. energetic and talented indiv…

Plural of rose. Many roses

He comes from the field

A desirable person with ambitious nature

An amusing, forward and high honoured in…

Name of a flower

She who is a twin sister

Bright Raven

A month in a year

Son of Adam; A derivative from Adam

Variant of AARON.

An English name associated with a chief

A dove-like man

A woman from the stream

He came from the fortress town

She who is in charge

Unity; concord; musically in tune

Means “oath” in Hebrew. This is the name…

A charismatic, sensitive person

A blessed guardian

The people or good people from the fores…

“Old German meaning “big game hunter” or…

Diminutive of MARCIA.

A high spirited, energetic person

Raven; a black bird that resembles a cro…

A broad, wide piece of land or field

Gloomy red color priceless gem stone.

One who has a good luck, a lucky person

A careful and neat person

Brave, Courageous, Ready to face the dan…

An expressive, detail oriented and joyou…

A dame of purity

A soft hearted, considerate and lonely p…

Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was a poe…

Of wide islands

Variant of JADE.

Feminine form of LAURENCE .

A name meaning God is my oath

Who is worth of many praises

One who is a true old friend

A serious and aggressive individual

A woman who has redeemed herslef

Last name; a chancellor

It is the derived from German name Godfr…

Place Name; The Bare Hillside

A determined, born leader

Diminutive of Jenny (God has been mercif…

One who lives at the Church hill

Variant of DION.

Energetic, noble and high spirited perso…

Old and insightful person

Unsophisticated, original and naive pers…

Joyful; Combination of Hope and Lynn;

Diminutive of HENRIETTA or HESTER.

She is the one who is loved and kind

One who is able to bake tarts

Greek form of THADDEUS.

Short form of ZACHARY.

A brave human being

One with a red scar

From the Hebrew name Tzefanyah meaning “…

Short form of ZACHARY.

Generosity of the All-merciful

English – Little Eagle; A variant of nam…

Kalee name means Fair, Pure, Keeper of t…

The estate of an trustworthy person.

Variant of KYLIE.

Emotional person who is energized

A notable and interesting being

Variant of DARIAN.

From an English surname meaning “son of …

The spear from the fertile valley

An English male name

Variant of CARLY.

She is a British girl

Variant of COLLEEN.

A bright light of the sunrise

She who is like a summer


Variant of LYNN.

Jurnee is a variation of the word Journe…

A warm hearted and impulsive person

A girl who acts mainly

Insipid Bridge

Belongng to God; they are the one who ar…

He who moves forward

A person who lives near the tough fields

A caring one

One who looks the household chores

Diminutive of GERTRUDE.

Variant of JESSIE .

Gleda in English means Happy, and in Wel…

Tender person

One who has intense charm and sting; hum…

A progressive, intense, exciting person …

A self maintained and happy individual

A tree branch

A surrogate, a replacement

A friend who comes from the ford

Seducer who lives peacefully among the s…

He who comes from stony lands

A responsible, deserving and technical i…

A thunder

Variant of SHANE.

A sweet loved one

English – Pink

He is very friendly

One who is like an iron. An English surn…

Short form of LILLIAN or an elaborated f…

A reason; one who is from heaven

A self sufficient, responsible and reaso…

Lady; woman; mistress; or the female ter…

English name for Boys

Diminutive of JAYNE.

She who is little and free

Variant of BRANDON.

A place name, Jawa

Diminutive of BENJAMIN or BENEDICT.

A creative, quick thinker who is analyti…

An unsophisticated man

The person who works in a garden.

A man of high qualities and pure heart

Lathe worker

One who loves learning, an academic

A settlement with thick growth of plants

Modern accent of Jasmine (yas flower)

A comforting, inexperienced and responsi…

Collective land of the Berber people

Free man; one who can act or think the w…

Flower Name

One who is spiritually calm and has grea…

The dearest one

Variant of ADELINE using the popular nam…

Bright Fame

To stay true and faithful

One who works with iron and steel

A Duke; a habitational name

God has returned to my crying.

A woman of the army

Gilpin is a male English name and means …

English – From the ash tree meadow; Dwel…

Southern town

A combination of the names Ray and Anna

Wise; Red Haired Man

Based on the name of the country China

Bettie is an alternate form of Betty Bot…

Field of heather

Variant of HELEN.

One who rules by the spear; attractive

Accomodating and level headed person

English name meaning thunder

A Christianity

A strongfold, a fort

She is like a thorny tree

Means “God has helped” in Hebrew. This i…

A brother; bond by blood

Sibling, friendly

Variant of LYNETTE.

These are lively, expressive and having …

A left-handed person, or a person from G…

One who is like a swan

They are handsome and charming. Hey love…

Name of a great Saint; compassionate ind…

Variant of HARRIET.

Meadow near the River

Chipping off

Coming from a broad hillside

A town of free men

Diminutive of ELIZABETH.

She brings joy


A woman who is like a symphony

One who is from the tropical climate

A self-satisfied, adventuresome person

Bright, vivid, dazzling and clear


The one who is keeper of key, charming a…

An innocent and genuine woman

Bearer of Christ

From a surname which was derived from a …

A self satisfied, reasonable and respect…

From an English surname which could be d…

One who has a happy life and leading lif…

Excited and lonesome individual

A bright rule

(English) Meadow of oak trees

Means “station” in Hebrew. This was the …

One who has a very powerful memory

To call on someone; to call someone

The name Gladwynne means a Friend who is…

A good person. May be beloved and kindhe…

Variant of ZECHARIAH. This spelling is u…

Manifestation of God

A practical and patient person with brav…

One who is a care-taker of a garden

Variant of CLETUS.

Means “enemy” in Hebrew. In the Old Test…

An indfluential and talented being

The one pure woman

Strong and healthy

From the town or estate of the good peop…

Assyrian variant of Emmanuel. It means G…

A strong warrior

He who comes from a stony road

A first century Welsh saint who drove th…

Delicate, fairylike or a sophisticated g…

A landscape. A man from the field

Beloved and lovely person

One who comes from the land that is over…

A successful, quick and witty person

One with good natured personality, charm…

A very popular person

Such people are elegant and value their …

Lovely and affectionate person

Variant of ALICIA.

Asssociated form of name Johannese means…

A brave, fierce and bold ruler

He who is a good soldier

Short form of ALANA (English) or SVETLAN…

A good natured person

A man who lives near a swamp


Diminutive of Beatirce, meaning one that…

Birth giving; A variant of Mossi

A magical creature

A playful person; adventurous

A small river, a current

A type of frustrated behaviour

Variant of CATRIONA. It is also a German…

A surname. He who comes from the stream,…

Someone who resides by the sign of the c…

Variant of MADISON.

Variant of Helen; bright, shining light

Responsible for the wardrobe of royal or…

A cautios, careful woman with good judge…

One with inner desire and has spiritual …

A chaste dame

The name means Keeper of the Keys

He who is wolf-like

From the name of a district of Babylon, …

From a surname which was originally deri…

A beloved, valued, cherised girl

One who belongs to the town near Trent r…

A wooden woman

Variant of EVELYN.

The time of the forest

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