Top Jewish Baby Boy Names of 2018

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Top 500 Jewish Baby Boy Name


One from the linden tree hill

Devotee, cup holder, conqueror, warrior.

A disposition to be kind and forgiving, …

A manager, an organiser. one who manages…

The one who has great love for wolves

Young lion

The one who constitutes/is long

A sensitive, decent and good individual

It is the variant of Pascal

The color of Blue. The blue-colored pers…

A place name/mention of an old Normandia…

One who constitutes/is small; has a powe…


French name/mention for famous soldier, …

One who actc like the Mars, the God of w…

One who constitutes/is given by God

The defender of the mint plant, this pla…

The one who has or brings luck

An energetic, responsible and happy bein…

A loyal and faithful person

German name/mention referring to Mars

Kishi means Hardness, His Gravity

The born son of the winner or conqueror …

Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict

A baby Boy name/mention of British origi…

An individual who is (seems) alway in ch…

One with battling, warring personality

Khristos means Christ

Has a lot of strength; lover of power

Positive fortune or profitable future.


The one who takes what he wants

An Alder tree that grows himself across …

The one who constitutes/is from a peacef…

Living life freely, name/mention of the …


A born champion and one from the cloud

A son of the fair man

Laurel tree, the symbols of Honor and Fa…

The person who is coming from the powerf…

Hebrew – God was gracious; a variation o…


Well to do protector.

One who constitutes/is appreciated and l…

Who hails from the northern region

Kilby means farm by the Spring

Kyden means Narrow Little Fire

A warring, military person

On who is warlike

A person who has a solid personality

A prince or a president

Konstantin means Constant

A gleaming and war-like man

One who resides around the sea

A form of Jesse, meaning gift.

The person who comes along from northern…

People from lowland, roaring hill

An optimistic and healthy human

Dear agreeable one

He is warlike and devoted to Mars

Who hails from the stream of mill

Name/mention from Arthurian Legend, accu…

God-like; servant of the god

The one who has the titel of the Lord

The person always filled with the sounds…

A sea friend

Means he is a Christian

A name/mention for the pilgrim; holy man

The fifth one

A son of a shepard

Person who is from grassy plain; Lion

A sharp flash of light; candid and dual …

Son of a beautiful man

Latin name/mention for morning star, the…

A war-like, gleaming person

English name/mention meaning beloved, lo…

Like God

Person with a kind heart

The name/mention means Dog. Kyon was the…

The blue hill, blue peak.

Man of God

Son of Nicholas, a winner

A Boy from the high gate

Variant of BALTHAZAR.

A pretty and exalted one


From Lucania, a region in South Italy

The name/mention Gilead is male Hebrew n…

One who comes from Laurentum

A self assured and confident individual

A good and noble gentleman

Plural form of Mold which means a soil w…

A warlike man

They are the little piece of rock

A variation of Solomon, meaning peace.

Descendent of the lion-like leader

Loyal, untiring and humble being

He who is the greatest man

A chief of a clan or a leader

One who constitutes/is energetic and fle…

One option or single opportunity.

A little but fierce warrior

Who is (seems) like the God Mars

God gave child.

Colony on the lake

Kyson means Son of Firebrand

From Loukas, means a person from Lucania

A person who comes from the place of Lau…

An individual who has a dual nature and …

One who constitutes/is the Greek God of …

One with ggod judgements and has restles…

One who constitutes/is derived out of wa…

Same to the olive fruit

A name/mention that is created combing v…

A happy-go-lucky and gorgeous individual

He who has dark skin

French name/mention meaning The King

A person who is strong as a hammer

A son of the thane

Ionut is Romanian form of John and means…

Upright and just, a palm tree

Man from Laurentum

A land that is shared petween two or mor…

A form of Jonah. It means dove.

One who produce great melodies

The conqueror of the nation.

The lights that shines upon the land

English name/mention meaning beloved, lo…

Knut means to tie a knot

Son of Zeus who is born to destroy

One who constitutes/is best of the best,…

One who achived a great Victory

Kriss means Follower of the Christ

Horse of the person who has come from th…

Lord of the lake

It is a short form of “Maria” or “Mary” …

Radiant and shining powerful nimble from…

A person from the Lincoln city in Englan…

He who is truthful


In Celtic it means someone who constitut…

The lion among the goose

The friend who is very dear

Gift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the…

Short form of Zachary and Zachariah; Heb…

The person who is coming from the powerf…

A huge rugged one

A Persian word that means “Eyelashes”.

The name/mention means Follower of Jesus

A person who is left-handed

Nooa break, relaxation, relief, well bei…

Lake means Inland body of Water

The one who constitutes/is possessing go…

Guarin is a strictfull personality with …

A reserved and serious minded individual…

A person tho is large and collosal

The person who resembles the little bear…

Widely known and esteemed

He is like the God Mars

A man who is greater than others

Webrew name/mention meaning God is with …

One who has a great desire to change wor…

The person who is being harmony with his…

The meaning of the name/mention is Dwell…

Kronos means To Cut

A land near the lake

A person tho inhabites the Hillside

A warrior who is noble and always battle…

A man who bears Christ inside him

The one who constitutes/is most sacred a…

A woman from Magdala; compassionate

The one who constitutes/is free of extra…

Hebrew – West; a variation name/mention …

A person who has a dark skin tone

An exalted and noble being.

The precious gift from the heaven.

The name/mention means Yahweh is Graciou…


Russian name/mention for Lion

Labon means White, Bright

The one who guards with a javelin.

Ionut is Romanian form of John and means…

A servant of Jesus

Victorious one, crowned with laurel tree

A gift of God

Sicilian name/mention for someone who co…

Hebrew – City of Fragrance; Slavic – Str…

Frome the long Paddock

The magnificient marine.

Refers to the birthday of Jesus.

The God is always good

A small and little being

Kota means River Bank

The name/mention means Ancient Musical I…

Kuno means Family asn Clarity

The fresh born tree the small tree.

An obedient, righteous and eager individ…

The person who likes the bear.

A hereditary title below duka

A born leader, a person destined for gre…

Laban means White


One who lives on the farm in the meadow

A wealthy and rich individual

A variation of Percy; tough as a soldier

He shelter of another baby

One who acts like a divine protector

The pledge and promise.

Fragrance; Hebrew – White; a variation t…

The Romanian form of Daniel. It means be…

A confident and a master of good persona…

One who constitutes/is from Denmark and …

Kirkwood means Woods by the Church

Confidant, Close friend

People from the fields

A favourite of all, son of the closest c…

Derived from Latin name/mention Louis, m…


One who constitutes/is full of light

The God is my bright and nimble.

To shine


Nona means the ninth one in the family.

People who live on a long meadow


Defender of men, soldier

The medical practitioner in the armed fo…

The one who has great love for wolves

A destroyer, a disolver

Beloved dear friend

A good communicator who is (seems) appre…

Krugan means burial mound

Comfort or relaxing

Long stone

A person who is masculine

He is like the God Mars

A Land that promises a Bright Future

Name/mention given to the son of peter

A friendly, sensitive and confident bein…

A youthful individual who has a charisma…

Giulio is an Italian name/mention and me…

A brave lion or the brave panther

A palm tree

He lives by the Lake

Resembles as fairy or dwarf.

The fields where flax flowers grow

A Stream from the mill

From Latin name/mention Longinus, means …

Kiptyn means From the Royal Meadow

One who constitutes/is miscounseled

The new comer to the family, fresh famil…

God is among us

A good and noble gentleman

The destiny, luck and a share of anythin…

Hebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is m…

Krister means Follower of Jesus

One of the main directions , north.

Son of “Owen”

A dark skinned person, a swarthy, a moor

A young lion, a lion cub

One who constitutes/is loyal to God

Addressing from the angle.

A strength that is very gentle

City vocation meeting

One who constitutes/is sharp as an arrow

People from the town Baron in Normandy

The best gift of God.

Deer or gazelle

Resembling the image of nose.

A place name/mention that reffesr to Lan…

A merciful soldier

From name/mention Lazarus, who was resto…

The protagonist of the nation.

A blessing of the gift from god


Who can stand equal to the most high God…

Kostya means Stady

A sickly, frail man

Korey means A Spear

The new born child or the fresh one.

Laidley means From the Creek Meadow

The son of my siblings.

The friend who is very dear


A considerate and moderate individual

A fortunate, happy and creative individu…

The farm house which is situated in the …

Gidon is a male name/mention of Hebrew o…

He hwo is both beautiful and dear

One who strong as the Palm tree

One with battling, warring personality

Dear member of Germanic Geat tribe

One who constitutes/is from the lake for…

Comforter, full of comfort.

Passover; one who constitutes/is related…

Yiddish form of Lancer. It means spear.

The one who found good to settle in nort…

Shouting voice of victorious people.

One of the best aristocrat

Olive tree caretaker.

A personal who is original and fun lovin…

Kippie means One from the Pointed Hill

The dark one

Kimmel means Seed Farmer

Rainy season, showers from the heaven.

French name/mention meaning Lion


Handsome and fine looking person.

A holy soul, saint

A warrior who is noble and always battle…

The king of animals, a Lion


Name/mention describing nativity, genera…

A lion cub

A mighty person, a strong person

The one who comes from the long meadow

The God is supreme.

A protector of battle

Lover of the sea

A famous, prosperous and wealthy person

He who takes away the protection

A devotee of St, Colomba

One who has big eyes

From the Lincoln island, an island of li…

A leopard or a panther

Hebrew – Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; …

One who constitutes/is small; has a powe…

A little reagal one

A jumping and leaping warrior

Kiev means Gift of God

Kody means He who is Wealthy

One whose light illuminates people. Also…

The one who lives near a fallow land or …

The person who brings messages to variou…

Surname/mention describing people from L…

A manly warrior, brave

A settlemen in the meadow

A man who is loved by many

One who constitutes/is from a famous lan…

One person hailing from northern part

People from town Leveridge

The God is my bright and nimble.

Lake means Inland body of Water

The largest or the greatest of all

The descendant of the supplier

Occupational name/mention for a wall bui…

Who is (seems) like unto Yaweh.

An idealistic person with strong desires

The power and bright light of God

Has spiritual matters; stone man


The one whose father provides joy

The person who comes along from northern…

A hill near the lake

One who constitutes/is from a famous lan…


Latin word meaning lion

The one who can replace the status of fa…

The Lord is my God

Name/mention from words Love and Elf

A person who is mason, a stone worker

He who is from town Laurentum

Beaming light

Another name/mention of Peter; a rock

Stressed, belligerent, harassed, carewor…

Keeper of the farmland; wonderful

One who loves to help others

The one who constitutes/is possessing go…

A surname/mention used in Medival Englan…

The one who constitutes/is extraordinary…

The newly built city.

Son of Nell or son of Neil.

An ambitious, courageous and strong pers…

Latin name/mention representing lion

The name/mention King means Royal Ruler

The relaxation from God.

The name/mention means He who Attends

A spontaneous and nature loving person

An ownership of the song, my song

A son of a fortunate one

Small town in Scottish; Clear space, gla…


A Vietname/mentionse name/mention that m…

Victor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.

One who constitutes/is the friend and lo…

One who takes care of the horses

The one stands above all in height.

He who is from ancient Laurentum region

One with a flaming-red hair

God has shown favor

One who constitutes/is born out of fire

The God who is Good

The one who dwells in the north side far…

A small person; tiny individual

One who constitutes/is a strong and powe…

The psychological result of perception a…

A solitary and thoughtful natured person

English version of Yeshurun, meaning str…

The name/mention means River

Brave and courageous as Eagle.

A regal and noble natured individual

A furious person with an angry personali…

Ladan means Witness

A strong-willed, resolute protector

Affectionate homegrown, sweet home.

A flaming wolf

The goddess person.

Laibrook means Lives by the Path by the …

Man of law, lawyer

The archer Lord in an angry state. The l…

The king of animals, a Lion

Who is comforted or protected by Yahweh

Laine means From the Long Meadow

A noble and decent lamp to enlighten the…

From the Latin word Leo, means He is lik…

Kwan means one who constitutes/is Strong

Another name/mention for a man-killer

Intelligence, sense, perception, console…


The God of peace or the father of peace

One who constitutes/is like the God Mars

One who constitutes/is proud of being a …

Someone who built mines or involved in m…

One who constitutes/is confident, initia…

I am tho one who has the light

A man who is (seems) as tall as a pine t…

Lache means His habitat is near Water

One who constitutes/is coming

A own full of gold

Old nickname/mention for someone who con…

Kinlee means White Warrior

The one who speaks Latin

A vigilant, metriculous and religious pe…

Lover of horses

From the long enclosure

A type of a wood, a Mahogony tree

Voice of winning people.

A hill or a hilly area

One who has elements of wealth and fame

From Arthurian Legent, Knight of Arthur,…

A well born, young warrior; noble birth

Name/mention given to a patrician and a …

A name/mention for love

Bulgarian form of Gabriel. It means God …

A variation of the name/mention “Joubert…

Occupational name/mention, textile dyer

Name/mention describing lake, pond; fort…

A person who is naturally having skin of…

A reasonable and observant individual

A form of Peter; to fight

God has shown favor

The triumphant which belongs to the nati…

Fair, Blessed, a person who is devoted o…

A division or a channel; a little river

A frai person of ill health

Occupational name/mention, stoneworker; …


He is the Lord of the light

The Goodly nature of god

The name/mention means Brave Adviser

A confident and a master of good persona…

Face of God; Vision of God; One who sees…

The name/mention means means Coal Worker…


A person who owns many spears

An individual who is strong like a mantl…

A Dark individual

A person who has a natural interest in w…

The mouth of snake or an oracle


One who wanders, a wanderer

A heroic champion; they are like knight

He who is my messanger

The name/mention means Cord Maker

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