Top Sikh Baby Boy Names of 2018

Sikh Baby Names are some of the most magnificent & beautiful baby names around the globe. The Sikh religion brings over 6,000 baby boy and baby girl names. is one of the largest repositories of Sikh/Punjabi baby names, a portal built to serve the 8.7 million baby name browsers/finders around the globe with baby names for all religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jew, Sikh, Agnostic).

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Top 500 Sikh Baby Boy Names

Warrior with strong heart


Full of glories

Gods clone

God and Goddess of heaven

Gurus support

Dew, Ocean, Sea

The respected brave one

Brave and contented

Light of gods heart

Brave in the lords shelter

Glorious and brave

Brave who keeps his promise

The land or the place of names.

Lord Indra

The keeper of gods grace

Perfect saviour

God’s child who is always patient

Skirt from the victor, Victory over supp…

Lamp of compassion

Tremendous lamp

Victory of creation

Light from the Sky

Love of hundred thousand

Fame of lord


Best holy place

God’s child who conquers the truth, Vict…

Love for gold

Friendly king



God’s child who is attractive

Trust, Belief

King of kings; king from the earth

Gods immortal warrior


The universe

True lamp

Lord provider from the world


Of exalted glory and praises


Protector of three worlds

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Kigdom from the moon

Lamp of glory, Reign of glory

Of supreme love/affection

God of beauty

Aware of naam

Love for adoration

Priceless light

Love of hundred thousand

Lover of God

God’s child who controls

Pure Love

Charming light

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…


Beautiful, Handsome

Light of contentment

Pure of heart, Mind, And soul

Religion, Law religious

Lord from the mind

Imbued with king

Worldly life

Full of wisdom

Infinite god/guru/creator

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Winner of world


Loving contentment

Perfect one

Flame of Prince

Heroic one of God

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in divine kno…

Pure intellect

Powerful friend, Mighty friend

Fragrance of Love

Artistic victory

Light from the world

God’s child who is born in battle

Enlightened by meditation

Friendly victory

God, The loving caretaker

Heroic fighter

Gods light, Victory of God

Imbued in lords name

Moonlight, The Moon

King from the world

God’s child who is Happy and delightful

In Love with God

Eternal, immortal

Light of bravery

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Blessing, Prayer

Parmatama the jot

Light of Moon, Victor over the enemy

Great kingdom

Lamp of a gem


The new victory

Warrior of gods heart

Love for art

God’s child who has achieved glory, Alwa…

Celestial God, Nectar

Fosterer of younger brother


Powerful and mighty

God’s child who praises the true one, Tr…

Splendid friend of God

Eternally brave

Holy one full of virtue

Charming lamp

Pass through worldly cares

Infinite God

Excellent warrior

Mighty creator

Peacefully engaged/engrossed/engulfed in…

The conqueror of forces, Victorious army

Strength of peace, God’s child who figh…

Reside, Pervade

Moons Love

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in gods L…


A lighted lamp, Always there for you

Light of humbleness

Master, god

Light (blessings/knowledge) from the lor…

Lamp of satisfaction

Chief, Noble Man



A new Ray of light

Warrior of peace, Happy brave

God’s child who is carefree

Lord of lotus

Peace through the Guru

One with whom God is pleased

Lord of lords

Embodiment from the rose garden

Attractive and lovable

Eyes full of light

The spotlight of name.

Fascinated by the name.

The king of gods, The chief of gods

Desire/affection for the lotus

Supreme name

Gods favorite


Happy children of God


God’s child who loves lords feet

Wounderous merits, A person with wondrou…

Panoramic view

Infinite victorious god/guru/creator

Immense brave

Light of humanity

Born of mind

Eternal, Immortal

Perfectly illuminating lamp

Light for all

Rabb da Roop, With An appearance of God,…

Attractive and brave

Lord Vishnu, Lord of truth

God’s child who is colored in naam

Spiritual illumination from the heart

Love for babies


Embodiment of happiness and peace

One that chants. Is devoted to the Guru/…

God’s child who attracts the world

Holy place of God

Protection from the true god/guru/creato…

Brave lotus

The lamp from the divine

Triumph for theRaghu family

God’s child who protects the Earth

Melody of naam

Philosophy, Extensive reflection, Contem…

Royal thorn, Master of empire

The vessel of purity and righteousness f…

Song of virtues

Supreme soul

Union with holy word

Light from the perfect

Brave as God

God’s child who wins lords support

The person who is much fond from the sea…

Singer of gods praise

Firm support

God’s child who longs for the divine lig…

Brave and kind like the warrior Karan

Desire/affection for the light/brightnes…

Gods lotus

Protector of pride


Black beauty

Firm light

Fosterer of forest

Respectable, Honourable, Elite

Protector of lords feet

Lords praises, Dedication to God through…

Capable, Skilful, Efficient


Song from the all-pervading God, One hav…

Ruler, authority

Optimistic on Man

Impatient brave

Attentive to God

The highest light, Gods light, Flame fro…

Endless victory

Belief, Faith, Trust

Full of knowledge

A winner

Imperishable protector

Shied/saviour/protector from the people

Leader of all human beings, King of men,…


Lord of horses, lord of wheels


Love for gods door

Full of modesty

Light of bliss


May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Lord of waters

Swim, Ferry across

The meaning of this name is very random,…

Highly supreme

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Priceless elixir

Victorious in war

Delightful association with holy one

Beauty of glory

Without caste

God’s child who radiates the light

Attaining peace through the word from th…

Brave Lord

Compassionate victory

Ever fresh

One with the knowledge from the truth, L…

Extending far, profound, unimaginable

Friend of heart

Trustworthy friend, Pride, Ever smiling,…

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in the true o…



Confidant/Friend/Champion from the Lord …

Victory over enemies

Coloured in the love/affection/dearness …


Courageous live

Lover of gods grace

Winner over obstacles

Gods feet

Lord of water

Virtuous, Meritorious

All victorious

Lovely and attractive Lord

Protector of elevation

Support from the Goddess

Army of god (Ik Oankar or Ekankar) in he…

To gain a victory over

Support of God

Exalted religion

Godly light

Happy friend

Treasure, Security, Deposit

Almighty god

Ringing the celestial music

The always present name of God

Respect-full, Blessed from everyone

Firm and brave

Elixir of Love

In praise of divine knowledge

Loving being

Elixir of courage


Name of bhagat farid

Immortal life

Independent lamp

King from the universe, Lord from the wo…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Of noble actions

Pure light

The nurturer, God’s child who looks aft…

Peace protector

Alt spelling Farid

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in virtue…

Ishwar ka Preet

Triumph for thelotus

Supreme Love


May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Child master



Excellence from the soul

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…


Highest success, God, The caretaker

Fosterer from the people

Bestowed with God grace


Friend of beauty

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Victory of heart

Gods servant

Warrior of peace

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

The glory from the brave one, Brave and …


Trustworthy friend

Lord from the earth

Lover/Supporter/Patron Lord

Love for humbleness

Sword kind of knife



God of grandeur

Imbued by the word from the god (holy sa…

The one living the truthful life


Love for humanity

God’s child whose faith in God is steadf…

Of immeasurable divinity

Success, the light/brightness of glory

Love of fame

God of gods

Light of war

Inner Joy, Happiness from the heart, God…

Victory of beauty

Great glory and honour

Lover of God

Holy lamp

Wisdom, Confidant/Friend/Champion from t…

Love of adoration

Eternal lamp, Gods lamp

Leader of all human beings, King of men,…

Radiating the light/brightness of peace,…

Effortlessly heroic

God’s child whose inner self is at peace

Who wins the heart, Girl can made for th…


King, Master from the planet

Shied/saviour/protector from the eyes

Light of mercy



Love/affections feet

Risen friend

Victory with lords elixir, God’s devotee…

Shelter of naam

Victory of effort

Victory of politeness


Brave king

Related with God

Triumph for theLord

Protection in the memory of God

One founded in peace and bliss

God’s child who always loves the Lord

Lover of princely one

Peaceful victory

God’s child who ferries people across th…

Victory in the name of God

Immense Love

Song of diamond soul

Radiating the light/brightness of naam

Protected by God

Effort, work, sexual desire

Gods warrior

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in the love/a…

Victory in memory of God

Light of pride

Gods warrior

Gods noble one

Lord from the forest

Triumph for thebeloved God

Best of all

Embodiment of God

Compassionate God

One uniting with the highest

God’s child whose life is full of elixir…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Love of faith

Lord of bravery

Victory of beauty

Different, Blessed by God

Forever engaged/engrossed/engulfed in Go…

Lord from the king, Friendly king

Love/affection, God victorious, Gods tri…

God of happiness

Gods nectar

God’s child who lives god-oriented life

The god-like person from the community/f…

Humble protector

Singer of gods name

King from the three worlds

God’s child whose mine is at peace, Peac…


God as protector


Name of Lord Shiva

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Victorius king

Prayer, Devotional song

Conquest, victory

Cross over water, Ford worldly cares

Lamp of remembrance

God of Love



Defender of God

Attaining tranquillity through God

One with glorious might

Bravely upholding the truth, Achiever

Gods elixir

Moons light

A Confidant/Friend/Champion from the Lot…

Light from the son


Who is always victorious, Winner from 4 …

Village, establishment


May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Gratitude, Prayers

One having exalted divine knowledge, Wis…

The empire or domain of God.

Compassionate guru

Love of humanity

Stronger than strongest

Songs of divine knowledge

The victory of Love, Loard of uganda


Protector of effort

Ray of victory

Preserver of modesty

Desire/affection for the beautiful flowe…

God’s child who had devoted one’s life t…

God’s child whose abode is peace

Full of peace and happiness

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

One with divine knowledge, triumph for t…

Early morning fragrance, Entertaining co…

Complete happiness

May signify (Goodness/Power/Beauty/Trust…

Protector of youthfulness

Love for own rule

Protector of a Man from the god (Ik Oank…

The embodiment of peace

Shied/saviour/protector from the world

Best person, Great human being

Brave as the Lord Sun

Peaceful god/guru/creator

God’s child who loves people

Love for memory of God


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