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Sikh Baby Names are some of the most magnificent & beautiful baby names around the globe. The Sikh religion brings over 6,000 baby boy and baby girl names. is one of the largest repositories of Sikh/Punjabi baby names, a portal built to serve the 8.7 million baby name browsers/finders around the globe with baby names for all religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jew, Sikh, Agnostic).

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Top 500 Sikh Baby Names

Imbued with gods Love

One that chants. Is devoted to the Guru/…


Conquest, victory

Blessed with fortune of God

God’s child who lives a life as ordianed…

Sea, Ocean

Desire/affection for the crown Prince

Clean, Pure like God

Triumph for thebeloved God

Sing gods praise or glory, Lord Shiva (1…

Victorious in war

Precious like gods lamp

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in peace …

In Love with God

God of gods, Omnipresent, All pervading …

Beauteous and brave

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in gods Love

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

In Love with God

Light of sapphire

Victory for saints

Friendly Prince

Best holy place

Name of a tree that bears bitter fruit

Loving each

Intoxicated by lords Love

Intellect, intelligence

Light of God

Delightful blossoming garden

God’s child who loves people

Light from the Sun, Which gives light (1…

Great happiness

Beauteous, beloved

Melody of naam

Gur is related to gurus and Rishma is th…

Love for splendid God

Ethical heart, Moral soul (1)

Superior religion

Imbued by the word from the god (holy sa…

A noble servant of god

A diamond-like person

Resident from the highest abode

Lords support

God’s child who gives us light

Imbued in nectar and equipoise

Happy family

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…


Contemplation of all

The queen from the names

Entertaining, Pleasing

Sandal victory

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Self, soul

Sweet words


Soul protected by god/guru/creator

God’s child who radiates the light

A spiritual person

Anointed of god (Ik Oankar or Ekankar) i…

The lamp hero from the battle

God/guru/creators sweetheart

Friend of Sky

Highest gem

Loving, Loved by everyone

Novel victory

Triumph for thelively

The person who is receiving the fortune …

One heroic God

Possessing the precious diamond of name.

Shelter of lamp

Brave and simple

Trust, Belief

Money or the material world


Love for victory

Light from the mind, Light of sages

Lord Vishnu, Champion of truth



Commander, The one with authority

Cymbals, Home, A dwelling

Powerful king

Shied/saviour/protector from the world

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Compassionate God

Enamel work

Rising to fame and honor

Lamp of peace


A saintly person, Devotee


Lord provider from the world

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Conqueror from the mind, Conqueror of kn…

Life in air

The brave, Winner

Heaven, Sky

God’s child who takes shelter in the gur…

Of exalted thoughts and reflections

Devotion to the god (Ik Oankar or Ekanka…

Lord Shiva


One minded, engaged/engrossed/engulfed i…

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in gods r…


Beloved heart

Love for wisdom

Bravely upholding faith

God’s child who resides in the elixir of…

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in consciousn…

Wounderous merits, A person with wondrou…

Attractive and Happy

Monarch, King

Bestowed with God grace

Highest success, God, The caretaker

Union through divine knowledge

Pure lamp

Friendly victory


Remembering the Lord masters name

Lover of God

A tree

The empire or domain of God.

Love for happiness


Full of glories

Victorious saviour

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in serving ot…

From the community/family/house from the…


God like in power



Protector of traditions

Lamp of a gem


Beauteous light


Divine light

The land or the place of names.

Embodiment of gods grace

Give word, promise

Warrior captivating God

Brave crown Prince

Happy children of God

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Lover/Supporter/Patron light within

Glory of Love

Image of world, Embodiement from the wor…

One light

One for whom gods Love is wealth

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in the ul…

Peaceful contemplation of God)

The embodiment of peace

Gods Love

Saint, Holy person, Tranquility

Immortal merits

Gods light, Special, One light of God

As vast as the sky


Triumph for themoments spent with Lord

Treasure of great virtues

Lord, protector

Gods light, The inaccessible/unapproacha…

King from the universe, Lord from the wo…

Great glory and honour

The eternal reality


In the manner of royalty

Care free

God of spiritually

Lights of happiness


Pool, vessel

Satisfaction of heart

Light of Moon, Victor over the enemy

Brave king

Brave and divine in knowledge

Gem of truth

May signify (Goodness/Power/Beauty/Trust…


Of great fortune, Destiny, Fortune, Luck

Lover/Supporter/Patron service of God

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

The highest God

Without price, Priceless, Invaluable

God of beauty

Kindness for all

Ever-fresh victory

Light of peace

A life filled with happiness

Victorious, Conquering, Defeating

One uniting with the highest

Preserver of gold

Brave, Warrior

King from the world

Triumph for gods name, Triumph from the …

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

At peace

God’s child whose caretaker is the Lord

Light from the eye

Protector of warmth

Shape, to form, to materialize

Glory of God

Triumph of god

Firmament illuminated, Lamp of heavens

King of peace

The spotlight of name.

Pure and brave

Protector of lotus

Light from the Sky, Heavens light

Victory for craving


Company from the highest

God, Rams Love which is Sita

Protector of modesty

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in divine kno…

Multi talented


Protector of warrior of peace

Wise and prudent

Complete, Perfection

Liberated through holiness

A blue flower

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…


Lord, The worlds protector

Perfect victory

Deity incarnate


Shied/saviour/protector from the beloved

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

The world, the creation

Desire/affection for the beloved God

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Pure goodness

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Sweet voice, True saying

Protected by the shelter of God

God’s child who loves peace

Protector of right

Exalted religion

Peace attainder, Attainer of tranquility

Warrior engaged/engrossed/engulfed in na…

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in the soul

Courageous like God

God’s child whose soul unites with God

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Light of Moon, Victor over the enemy

King, Master from the planet

Brave and divine in knowledge


Triumph for theGuru, Triumph from the lo…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

May signify (Goodness/Power/Beauty/Trust…

Victory of human being

Great warrior

Eyes full of light

A Confidant/Friend/Champion from the Lot…

One of unwavering mind, God’s child who …

Warrior from the world


God’s child who worships God, Beauteous …

God’s child who had devoted one’s life t…

Highest elixir

Gem of God

Blossoming via the name.

The conqueror of forces, Victorious army

God’s child who loves people

Victorious supporter

Shied/saviour/protector from the glow of…

King from the community/family/house



Union with God

Dwell, Reside

Love from the world

Love for victory

Creative like god

King of kings; king from the earth

Shied/saviour/protector from the gold mo…

Lamp from the world

The king of kings

Most excellent


Full of happiness, Pleasant

The winner of god/lord/Ik Onkar’s love, …

Friend of lotus

Victory in memory of God

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Princely eyes

Of exalted consciousness, Of exalted min…

One engaged/engrossed/engulfed in divine…

Great person

Imbued in lords name

Victory of light


Formless being

God’s child who battles against the evil…

Love for Lord of mind


God’s child whose Love is steadfast

God of valorous

The one accepted by God

Forever in peace and delight

Temple shrine from the god (Ik Oankar or…

Love/affections naam

Handsome and brave

Gurus support

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Embodiment of peace and beauty


Ray of truth

May signify (Goodness/Power/Beauty/Trust…

God’s child who drinks the elixir of lor…

Pure of heart, Mind, And soul

Happy friend

Blue lotus

Delight of remembering God

Victorious from the right

Guardian from the nation.

Victory of charm

Gods beloved

Undefeated, A flower, One name of devis …

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…




God’s child who always acts rightly

Very Deep

Lord of peace

Fathers Love

Brave as hundred thousand

Name from the first sikh guru

The brave one

Powerful and mighty

Celestial God

God’s child who is brave and corageous


Lamp of divine knowledge

God’s child who controls the mind

Gods light, Victory of God



King of gods, Lord Indra

Support of God

True Love

Conscious through divine knowledge

God’s child who wins God of grandeur

One with three eyes, Shiva


Lord of gold


From the god (Ik Oankar or Ekankar) of h…

Love from the deity of heaven

Beyond limits


Excellent devotee

Shied/saviour/protector from the king

Cheerful youth Boy.

King from the three worlds

Form from the one supreme being

Brave and divine in knowledge

Light of mercy

May signify (Goodness/Power/Beauty/Trust…

Light of truth



Lord Brahma


Lotus keeper

Love for memory of God

God’s child who has nine kind of treasu…

True content

One with blissful tranquillity

Radiant, Illuminating, Enlightening

Heroic fighter

Beautiful, Sweet

God of bravery

Unique Love

True immortalizing nectar

Apane, Consent

Blooming victory

Great gem

Wish, desire

Ok type person

Victory of one God

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in gods name

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Blessing, Prayer

Inspire Promise, trust, hope

Famous victory

Imbued in the lords absorption

Singing the praises of God, Union with t…

May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Lord of beauty

Light of memory of God

Meditation of supreme God




The hero from the battle

Remaining in peace

Religious place


Remembering the Lord master

Gracious glance from the true one

Friendly in the proximity of God

Brave protector

Full of beauty

Wisdom, Angel, Trust, And loved

King from the world

Given by the guru

Bliss of justice, Righteousness


May signify (Goodness/Power/beauty/trust…

Fame of lord

The divine light within

Shied/saviour/protector from the crown P…

God/guru/creators warrior

Devine blessing

Liberation from all bonds

Supreme name

Love for babies

Seen in a dream, Dreamy

God’s child who is colored in naam


Blissful abode

Preserver of satisfaction

Gratitude, Prayers

Brave as air

Compassionate victory

Supreme light

Courageous sword

Victor over the enemy

Light from the world

Joy or bliss

Shied/saviour/protector from the gods pr…

Tranquillity in naam


Protector of beauty

Humble and brave

Incense, sunlight

Lord of mountain

Dear, Expensive

Meditation in congregation

Beauteous and brave

Conqueror from the Suras, Victorious dev…


All victorious (god)

Light from the world

Engaged/engrossed/engulfed in the highes…


One as immaculate as naam

Sister of nanaka

Flashes of lightning

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